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McDonald’s is a public American fast food restaurant that was established for the first time in 1940 and now operates nearly 40,000 locations in over 100 countries. In the world of restaurants, McDonald’s ranks first by revenue. Their logo of the Golden Arches is especially noticeable, attracting more and more people all over the world.
McDonald’s offers top-notch reliable burgers that are favored by many diners. McDonald’s always bears a balanced diet in mind, putting new products and healthier options on the menu that can satisfy your modern need and nutrition, such as salads, fish, smoothies, and fruit. McDonald’s provides customers with massively delicious breakfast items that are suitable for diners who want fast and convenient pick-me-up meals. You’ve got various items to choose from, combining items which are to your likings, jazzing up a meal.
McDonald’s Locations in the United States
Alabama (209)
California (1198)
Florida (734)
Georgia (399)
Illinois (634)
Indiana (309)
Kentucky (228)
Louisiana (209)
Massachusetts (234)
Maryland (279)
Michigan (533)
Minnesota (222)
Missouri (309)
North Carolina (417)
New Jersey (258)
New York (583)
Ohio (589)