10 Foods That Cause Gas

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Most people experience gas in their stomach either due to the breakdown of food in their digestive tract or by swallowing air. People pass gas, feel bloated or burp as a result of this gas. However, having gas is an embarrassing and uncomfortable experience. The information provided in this write-up will help you to know the foods that cause gas so that you can get rid of this problem by avoiding these foods.

Dairy Products

In most dairy products including milk, ice cream and cheese you can find sugar in the form of lactose. It is difficult to digest lactose if your body does not produce an adequate amount of lactase enzyme. It can make you intolerant to lactose which can cause gas in your stomach. You can replace dairy products with soy-based dairy products or almond milk to avoid the problem of gas.


Raffinose found in abundance in beans is a kind of complex sugar which is not easy for your body to digest. Raffinose is broken down by the bacteria in the large intestine to produce carbon dioxide, methane gas, and hydrogen which you release through your rectum. If you want to reduce gas without sacrificing beans then you can soak them overnight before cooking them or use some other OTC replacement for beans.


Gas can also be caused by certain vegetables like broccoli, sprouts of Brussels, asparagus, cauliflower and cabbage, etc. Though all these foods are very healthy, they still produce gas. The main reason behind producing excessive gas by these vegetables is the presence of raffinose complex sugar in them like in the beans.

Whole Grains

The presence of starch and raffinose in certain whole grains like fibrous oats and wheat can cause gas. The only grain that does not produce gas in your stomach is rice.


Certain fruits are not easy to digest due to the presence of sorbitol, natural sugar-based alcohol, in them. These fruits include peaches, apples, prunes and pears etc. Some of the fruits containing the combination of soluble fiber and sorbitol also produce gas.


You swallow a lot of air while drinking carbonated drinks and sodas. You have to pass out the air you have in your digestive tract through your rectum or by burping. You can reduce gas by replacing soda with water, juice or tea.


Fructose, natural sugar, found in onions can also help in producing gas, like sorbitol and raffinose, when it is broken down by the bacteria in your intestines.

Hard Candy

While sucking hard candies you swallow excessive air like drinking sodas or carbonated drinks. Some of these candies also include sweetener, sorbitol, which can produce more gas.

Processed Foods

Most of the packaged processed foods like snack foods, bread, salad dressings and cereals also produce gas because of the combination of various ingredients they have like lactose and fructose.

Chewing Gum

You swallow a lot of air while chewing gum. Most of the chewing gums also include sugar alcohols like mannitol, xylitol or sorbitol to sweeten them. All of these sweeteners are difficult to digest and hence cause gas and a lot of burps.

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