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Taco time was originally established in Eugene, Oregon by Ron Fraedrick in 1960. Today it has developed into a fast-food restaurant chain in American and Canada. The number of chain is more than 74 in Canada and over 226 in America.
Taco Time features Mexican food, which are prepared carefully and freshly with home style. The food are made from the healthiest and freshest both in Canada and America, making the restaurant the real quality leader among over 300 Mexican fast food service industry with great passion to ensure each guest have better enjoyment of taste.
The restaurant features hand-rolled Crisp Burritos and Mexi-Fries, which are famous over the world. The chicken we use are 100% boneless, skinless and all-white meat; the lean ground beef are top-quality. Other specials vary from burritos to quesadillas, nachos, salads, sides, and so on. The menu provides guests with a real wide choice.
Taco Time has Gift Cards, which can help you save 10% when you spend $500 or more. And there are coupons and special discounts sometimes, but usually varying with locations.

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