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Ono Hawaiian BBQ is a restaurant that specializes in a fusion of Japanese, Hawaiian, Korean and American cuisines. Ono Hawaiian BBQ also offers a catering service to help you better manage the dining of big events. This restaurant aims to make diners feel a sense of peace and a taste of the island.
If you want a quick and simple pick-me-up meal, it’s advisable to take a try on the specialty served in this restaurant which is Aloha Plates, high in protein and carbs, making you vibrant all day long. Ono Hawaiian BBQ always sources ingredients that are ethically grown and hormone-free. And these fresh ingredients are made from scratch every day to make cuisines are served naturally delicious. Katsu is crisp-tender and attractive. Sauces are good accompaniments to any dishes served in Ono Hawaiian BBQ, such as Teriyaki sauce and Katsu sauce. If you want to have a visually appealing and appetizing meal, it’s definitely a good choice to visit Ono Hawaiian BBQ to meet your table needs.
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