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Aliso Viejo, CA (1)
Anaheim, CA (1)
Carlsbad, CA (3)
Cerritos, CA (1)
Chino Hills, CA (1)
Chula Vista, CA (1)
Colleyville, TX (1)
Culver City, CA (1)

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Luna Grill was started in 2004 in San Diego, California. Its founders are Sean and Maria Pourteymour. Luna Grill is a Mediterranean restaurant whose business philosophy is to provide healthy food for every family and let people enjoy real food.
Luna Grill prepares many kinds of food for people, which is divided into family meals, starters, bowls, salads, signature plates, specials, pita wraps, kids, desserts. Luna Grill offers Non-GMO food, so people can eat fresh, real and healthy cuisine. The food provided by Luna Grill has different nutrients, which is beneficial to people’s health. The appearance of the food and the match of different food are also very delicate, which will bring customers visual enjoyment, open their taste buds. The price of Luna Grill restaurants is very reasonable, so that every ordinary family can afford it. The classic restaurant environment and the enthusiastic and attentive staff will give people a pleasant dining atmosphere.
Luna Grill has prepared gift cards for people, you can get them through its official website. Also, you can get 1 point as long as you spend $1 every time. When you earn 100 points, you can get $5 off on your next time order, you can download the app to learn more.

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